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Overview and subjects are evil

So maybe I don't have as much as others but that is because I mostly force myself to concntate on one thing only at a time, except when it comes to ETOLT which we'll ignore for the time. But since there was so much and much of it seemed more complcated than it really is, it was extra hard to write. And no, I'm probalby making no sense so I'll just stop now.

I don't have name for this yet, maybe Rebel's Heart but it's not far enough to know anything. The main character's name is Hope though so hence, it is Hope. I’ve probably been working on it for a year or two. At least a year. Simply put, it is a story of a rebellion to rid the earth of aliens and a girl’s journey to get there (told from the doctor’s (Richard) and the girl’s (Hope) POV.)

It takes place on New Earth in the midwest (because I like snow. Except for sunset time and safe traveling time, it could take place anywhere). Twenty years ago aliens came and invaded Earth, stuck people in about 200 to 300 person settlements, took all of the humans’ (humen’s?) technology (computers, cars, phones) and makes them farm. Generally, life under the aliens (who do not have a name yet) is miserable and everyone hates them. They tear apart families, sometimes killing the family members and sometimes just transferring them. But the people who loose the family members don't know which happens. (Also, the aliens enlist strong human leaders and such for their armies but no one knows that in the beginning.) Also, the Test happens at the age of 20 where anyone who is not physically fit is killed. Marriages is at the age of 23 and if you are not married by then, the aliens pick a spouse for you. Also, all communicates has to be done in their language between them and humans. Human to human can be in whatever language they want.

Now, about Hope. Hope was the last child of the Bethers. Her father was killed the day after she was born for fighting against the aliens, though he did give her her name. Her oldest brother, Ruben, was taken when she was four so it ended up just being her mother and brother, Dave, most her life. Before the book starts though, her brother has left home because of the Test. (They suspected he could not pass and why take the chance though whatever it was that causes him to not pass is not serious.) Her mother was taken by the aliens for unknown reasons. Oh, and the guy who takes her in has a heart attack and dies. (This all happens in a couple months) At the beginning, she is angry and frustrated but also withdrawn. She doesn't trust anyone. (This comes from being picked on bunch when she was younger and such. (I should stick a flashback at some point in time about that. Hmm...))

HOpe is hiding in an underground shelter for those who would be terminated. (which does mean that they won't be of help to society, such as someone who is crippled would be there) She's seventeen or eighteen in the beginning. At first, things are going on, spies of the aliens are popping up and the house next door catches fire. (the aliens look like humans. That’s why it’s important.) Then Richard gets captured by the aliens. (Richard is a doctor in the rebellion) Hope gets mad at herself because she was starting to like him as a friend and anyone she likes as a friend dies so she goes to look for him, and manages to find him, though he's pretty beat up, particularly burned. He has some ideas though on how to figure out who is an alien and who isn't. Richard start having nightmares and one night while Hope is checking on him (since she volunteered to do that) he wakes up from a nightmare and remembers something from his captivity, that the aliens can create fire with just their hands.

So of course, since Hope has been able to do that since she was seven, that 1) gets HOpe all scared because that means she's at least part alien and 2) that means she's going to be killed. But after everyone figures out that she did not know she was spying, she is told to go spy against the aliens and does some.

The rest ends up basically with her getting over her anger at being an alien and accepting who she really is and also the rebels overthrowing the aliens and winning and such. There is a light love story here (thanks to Alyssa who infected me *glares*) between Hope and Richard and a few other plots I could probably ramble about (such as Senior is forced to marry later on and hates the idea). but that's the basic out line.


Then of course, there's ETOLT that I'm writing with Alyssa3 and some really pathetic short stories that I'm trying to get into the writing contest here but aren't letting me because they are really not cooperating.
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