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Further CB Things

So, I was hoping to wait until I could at least write a blog entry for Alaith about it and make everyone (well, basically Kyra and Abigail, because they're the only people who might actually comment) to gasp in horror and go "what the heck?!" because that's fun to laugh at. But I'm a sucker at keeping secrets, and I think the plot twist...thing...still could use more tweaking. And once I actually get to writing it, I probably won't like to get feedback saying, "You have to rewrite this whole because you forgot this major reason this doesn't work!" This being because I'm a C personality, which means I like doing things once, the right way, and have a hard time going back. Anyway. I'm rambling.

I've known for quite a time that Cedrin is being hunted by Braen. That's why he goes to stay with Alaith in the first place. The problem was I had absolutely why Braen would go after him, specifically, instead of his dad or his older brothers. (Besides, I think Braen would be satisfied with ruining them and leaving them to live the rest of their lives in poverty.) I raised this question with Jolene, and we pondered it.

What we came up was this:
Braen, obviously, arranges for Alaith to get married to his son, Criostal. Alaith has fits and things and, I believe, is present and a main part of his death (which currently is that some stupid lord's sons, including him, were daring themselves to jump an increasingly high jump, and when Criostal jumped it his horse couldn't make it and he was killed). Braen curses Alaith by accident, not realizing he really did it. After a while he decides that he could still use the status/land that Alaith's marriage would have provided for Criostal. Meanwhile strange things have been happening in her family, some misfortunes and the like. He presses her father for the marriage under the guise of being sympathetic and having no more ill-feelings about Criostal's death. Her father is hesitant about it (knowing Alaith will be far from happy with the engagement), but he has a freak accident (I think it's somehow orchestrated by Braen) and is crippled. He decides Alaith needs protection and agrees to the marriage. She, of course, has a huge fit, and is probably a bit afraid, because at this point she has figured out the curse is real. Braen plans to get married, kill off Ryn (her older brother), make her have a kid to be his heir, and then kill off her about a year after (because, really, who wants to live with her, the most temperamental embarrassment to court?). Ryn ends up dying a short time after the engagement is announced, and Alaith disappears. Some suspicion arouses about Braen having something to do with the disappearance, because he is well known for having a castle size grudge toward her. So he's lying low at the moment until it blows over.

In all this Braen had some sort of helper plotter and they were exchanging letters (in code). Meanwhile, Cedrin's family's been bankrupt and sent to the country, and then Berwyn's fleet appears back in harbor, so Cedrin goes to the city to try and get some of the profit. When he gets there he finds out Braen has already snatched up all there's to get. Furious, because they already had repaid Braen fully and he was stealing from them, he arranges to meet Braen at his house in town. Cedrin is taken to Braen's office place, and either Braen is late getting there or has to leave briefly during the interview. Cedrin's still stewing, so he's a bad boy and starts snooping around. He finds a half burnt paper in one of the desk drawers. (Note: The code they used was one where you would write with invisible ink, then write over it with normal ink, marking one of the corners on the paper with F or W, meaning fire or water would reveal the real message.) Half the letter is uncoded and Cedrin begins to read it. It's somehow a summery of said plot. The punishment for this sort of treachery is death. As Cedrin's reading Braen comes in and catches him. Cedrin runs for it, Braen hot on his heels to kill him before he can tell anyone.

So, what do ya'll think? Is it practical? What can be improved?
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