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The Hobbit?

So, I randomly decided to see if there was more news on the makings of The Hobbit and stumbled onto this site.

Here are a few excerpts I found:

Another 4 years to wait?
In an interview Peter Jackson said that it will be up to four years before he starts work on a film version of The Hobbit. It would be a lot of work for the lawyers until then, to solve the legal problems.
Article on BBC News

MGM, the owner of The Hobbit movie distribution rights, has changed its company politics. They are looking now for partners for the production of new movies. How this will affect The Hobbit movie is unclear, but we can hope.
Article in Media InfoCenter

Saul Zaentz, producer and one of the holders on the rights of the Hobbit movie expresses his optimism that the movie could be made soon.
From the following article: "And fear not, lovers of furry-footed wee folk: Zaentz vows there will be a film version of The Hobbit, just as soon as the slightly more complicated legal entanglements around that property are ironed out."
Article in jam! Showbiz

Ian McKellen told in an interview again that he would love to play Ganfalf in "The Hobbit".
From the interview:
Q: If "The Hobbit," the prequel to "The Lord of the Rings," were made into a movie, would you want to play Gandalf again?
MCKELLEN: I would love to do "The Hobbit," yes. Partly because I would hate to see anybody else playing Gandalf.
Article in

Rumors tell that at WETA the Hobbit movie is already in production.

A visitor of the New York Office of New Line saw 'The Hobbit' on the film schedule for July 2007.
Article at

So, do ya'll think it's possible that The Hobbit's being made?
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