time is all she has to kill (lady_moriel) wrote in thedreamweavers,
time is all she has to kill

Adding to the memories again

faeriemaiden mentioned ages ago that we could gradually add our old Blogger Dreamweavers entries to this one and backdate them. I just attempted it and discovered that I can't add backdated entries to a non-personal journal, so that's out.

Instead, I added all my major Blogger entries (i.e., none of the "Hey, I just changed the icons" posts) to lady_moriel and backdated them there, and then added them to thedreamweavers' memories. That way all my old stuff will be readily available, and I won't have to go hunting for it on Blogger when I want it. I'd do the same for everyone else, but as I don't have passwords to all your LJs, that...wouldn't work. Instead I suggest you all do something similar--just do make sure you backdate them, or you'll flood your flists with old stuff. I can add them all to the memories if you tell me you've added the posts to your personal journals.

Yes. I'm anal. I know.
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