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"...If the measurement of a good, Christian movie is that it be exclusively family-friendly, then surely Christians will have been robbed of their mandate to explore Christ's renewal of all dimensions of human experience—the lovely and the ugly, the romantic and the drab, the goofy and the grotesque."

"It's hard to portray the truth winsomely. It's hard to escape clichés and shibboleths. It's hard to grasp the complexity of life with a transparent eye. It's ugly out there—and we're implicated in that ugliness. But God help us, we must avoid the danger of tidying things up. A filmmaker has a responsibility to portray the truth in an honest manner—with a message even—but never at the expense of the lush, multifaceted mystery of life.

In the end, the best way to convey the truth is by telling a really good story with a lot of rich metaphors and honest characterization, remembering also that the greater power of art resides in the suggestion of truth, not its proclamation, in the beckoning hint, not the feeble platitude."

- David Taylor, What Is A Good Christian Movie, Anyway?

The Dreamweavers is a faith-based art community whose members are dedicated to producing, discovering, and experiencing meaningful, beautiful, exceptional art from the standpoint, blatantly or subtley, of a person devoted to pursuing Christ, as well as works hinting at ultimate truths - and works that do not isolate themselves solely in the Christian community. We would like to change the world, if possible, or at least the world's perception of Christian art (which, in the mainstream general, is tepid at best) - as well as Christians themselves.

Membership is mostly invitation-only, as we are a group of writerly co-conspiritors friends, but if you are like-minded in wanting to shatter the stereotypes of mainstream Christian art, we wouldn't mind an application.

"Art is a window into that exploration of God... As God's creation, we are called to co-create and explore new things."

- Nichole Nordeman

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